Dessii media investment- Get 55% Roi in 30days…Find out if legit or scam!!!


Dessii Media investment is a company and affiliate platform envisioned with Services, Advertisement, Real Estate Services, Investment Research, Forex and Trading Activities. This is channeled towards the growth and development of their subscribers’ businesses as our major aim is to see their businesses thrive tremendously. These subscriptions are in different packages and in return over 55% monthly or compoundly.

Dessii media investment consists of the following below:

No Daily Tasks

We do not offer daily tasks to our investors, thus, investing with us comes with lesser stress. Withdrawal is done after 30 days/120 days upon installation.

Investment Security

Here at Dessii Media, we’ve got the perfect responses to every of your unanswered questions. Our platform has been built on a security-friendly level and one way of serving you better is that none of your packages are tampered with. All you need do is trust us when we tell you your packages on our platform are safe and secure.

Profit Margin

Invest your money with the right plug, Dessi Media is the just the right plug for you and your profit is surely guaranteed. Efficient installation with 55% profit and 100% reliability.


Withdrawals are processed within 24-48 hours upon applying for withdrawals.

Dessii media 30days investment Packages

Copper– NGN 10,000 | ROI: NGN 15,000.

Bronze- NGN 20,000 | ROI: NGN 31,000.

Silver- NGN 50,000 | ROI: NGN 77,500.

Gold- NGN 200,000 | ROI: NGN 310,000.

Diamond- NGN 300,000 | ROI: NGN 465,000.

Jewel- NGN 500,000 | ROI: NGN 775,000.

Pearl- NGN 1,000,000 | ROI: NGN 1,550,000.

Ruby- NGN 2,000,000 | ROI: NGN 3,100,000.

Amber- NGN 5,000,000 | ROI: NGN 7,550,000.

Dessii media compounding investment Packages

Silicon (Compound)

Amount: 100,000
ROI: NGN 577,000

Gold (Compound)

Amount: 200,000
ROI: NGN 1,154,000

Jewel (Compound)

Amount: 500,000
ROI: NGN 2,885,000

Pearl (Compound)

Amount: 1,000,000
ROI: NGN 5,770,000

Ruby (Compound)

Amount: 2,000,000
ROI: NGN 11,540,000

How to invest in Dessii media investment

Contact a Vendor

Click on “coupon vendor” on the top navigation bar.

Get a coupon code

Contact one of the listed coupon vendors, make payment to the account details you will be supplied, contact same vendor to approve payment and get a coupon code after verification of payment..

Register Your Account

Click on the register button, provide all the needed details, and click register.

CEO of Dessii media investment

Dessii media investment was founded by an Entrepreneur named MONDAY DESMOND popularly Knowed as Dessii media.

Dessii media investment Domain status

Registered On:2021-02-26

Expires On:2022-02-26

Accordingly to

Dessiimedia Investment was Launched on 4th of February 2021.

In conclusion

Investments like this aren’t something that stays forever..called “Ponzi scheme

Dessii media investment had been Paying 100% from Day 1 of launch and still paying till date (1st May 2021) Rumors around suggests Dessii media investment as the second best investment platforms in Nigeria sitting below first place “Racksterli“.

Note: The No 1 Rule in Investment is to invest what u can afford to loose.

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