Ennyinvest review- Get 50% Roi in 30day…Find out if legit or scam!!!


Wealth creation is the value of Ennyinvest and our mission is to help a lot of people to be financially independent using their little capital.
We strive for perfection.

Ennyinvest pays their a 50% Roi in 30days and a whopping 500% Roi in 120days (4months).

About Ennyinvest investment

Investment Security

Qualified team, proper accounting and maintenance are our key to guarantee you our members security of investment. Ennyinvest is highly focused to make a difference in the investment segment of the economy.

Multiple Investment

There’s no limit to the amount of investments you can make on our platform. Simply put it as more investment, more income.

Swift Referral Bonus

Here you don’t only invest, you earn more and more as you make us bigger by referring more people to Ennyinvest.

Ennyinvest investment packages


BASIC- NGN10,000 || ROI NGN15,000

BRONZE- NGN20,000 || ROI NGN30,000

SILVER- NGN30,000 || ROI NGN45,000

GOLD- NGN50,000 || ROI NGN75,000

DIAMOND- NGN100,000 || ROI NGN 150,000

PLATINUM- NGN200,000 || ROI NGN300,000

PEARL- NGN500,000 || ROI NGN750,000

TITANIUM- NGN1,000,000 || ROI NGN1,500,000


STANDARD- NGN50,000 || ROI NGN250,000

CLASSIC- NGN100,000 || ROI NGN500,000

PREMIUM- NGN200,000 || ROI NGN1,000,000

PRIME- NGN500,000 || ROI NGN2,500,000

ULTIMATE- NGN1,000,000 || ROI NGN5,000,000.

How do i join?

1. Contact any of the coupon vendors listed above

2. Make payment of the plan of your choice to the account details that will be provided to you.

3. Contact same vendor to verify your payment after which a coupon code will be given to you.

4. Come back to the website, click on the “Register” link on the navigation menu

5. Fill in your appropriate details and you’re good to go.

How do i register my downlines?

1.You may help your prospects to get their coupon codes or walk them through the steps above.

2. Go to the referral section of your dashboard and copy your referral link.

3. Send the link to your prospect and have them register through it. It is very important that they register through your link, else you will not earn a referral bonus from that prospect.

Can i get paid without referral?

Yes, you will be paid. Referral is completely optional so therefore, it does not affect your normal investment. It is only an extra income if you wish to earn more.

CEO of Ennyinvest

Accordingly to my research, There is not validated information about who the founder of Ennyinvest is, tho the Rio interest seems moderate but never can tell.

Ennyinvest Domain status


Registrar:NameCheap, Inc.

Registered On:2021-04-06

Expires On:2022-04-06

Ennyinvest was launched on 1st May 2021

In conclusion

Ennyinvest is still early to judge or probably decide anything on.

Note- The No 1 Rule of investment is to put what u can afford to loose

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