Holex review- if legit or Scam? Find out now!!!


Holex is a digital advertisement company that pays you 35% In 14days, Established by a team of young and experienced Entrepreneurs, aimed at helping companies and businesses meet their targeted customers, whilst helping the community in eradicating poverty.

Holex was Launched on 27th of January 2021

About Holex advertising agency

At Holex, we focus on helping companies and businesses meet their targeted customers. This we do, by imploring the help of the community, and getting them paid, when they share our sponsored posts, to their social media handles, thereby ensuring that our clients reach out to a larger community. And at the same time helping the community at large.

With our experienced advertisement techniques, and capable agents, get access to thousands of customers who will be interested in what you do, and at very affordable fees.

As an Agent, Do more with your Gadgets..Its a well known fact that more than half of the population of the world, are smartphone users, burning data and time on social media and alot of irrelevant things. Do more with your phone today, by allowing it generate passive income for you…

With Holex, You get the opportunity to reach out to a large number of persons who will definitely be interested in your products. Imagine if each of our 10k+ paid advertisers, share your sponsored post, to their social media handles. You get not less than 50k+ persons viewing your advertisement everyday..

Holex Packages

Holex has 10 earning packages as stated below:

•Elite- N3,000 to get N4,050 (289 Daily)

•Bronze- N5,000 to get N6,750 (482 Daily)

•Silver- N7,000 to get N9,450 (675 Daily)

•Gold- N10,000 to get N13,500 (964 Daily)

•Diamond- N20,000 to get N27,000 (1,928 Daily)

•Ruby- N50,000 to get N67,500 (4,821 Daily)

•Emerald- N100k to get N135k (9,642 Daily)

•Sapphire- N200k to get N270k (19,285 Daily)

•Jasper- N500k to get N675,500 (48,214 Daily)

•Pearl- N1m to get N1,350,000 (96,428 Daily)

Holex Referral bonuses

•Elite- N300

•Bronze- N500

•Silver- N700

•Gold- N1,000

•Diamond- N2,000

•Ruby- N5,000

•Emerald- N10,000

•Sapphire- N20,000

•Jasper- N50,000

•Pearl- N100,000

Referral is totally optional, You get paid with or without Referring.

CEO/Founder of Holex

Holex Advertising company is established by a team of young and experienced Entrepreneurs, led by Mr. Godspower U.

How to Register into Holex

• Click- Holex.com.ng

•Sign up- Register with your correct details and must be a match to your bank details for easy withdrawal

•Login- Once done login, then go to vendor list and purchase a coupon code.

•Activate the code on the activation page, once done Successfully u have Subscribed ✅

Holex Domain status

Website- Holex.com.ng

Expires on: January 24, 2022

Created on: January 24, 2021

In Conclusion

As a New platform, Holex can’t be decided if legit or scam because it’s still paying and making more progress having new investors Daily.

Moreover, 35% In 14days is Risky❗tho we have come across many platforms that pays in 30days with between 50% to 70% with the likes of Luxurygold,Dessi media, Racksterli,Pringpro etc.. So that means it’s equally 70% in 28days.

Note: The No 1 rules in Investment is : “To invest what u can afford to loose.” Every online income program is a potential Ponzi scheme.

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