Luxurygold investment Review- if Legit or Scam? Find out Now!!!


Luxurygold investment provides people with opportunity to invest and earn after a month (30days) with 70% return of Investment.

Luxury Gold with an interest objective engages in market research using technology means for the importation and exportation of natural resources, mining and lots more.

Luxurygold Investment platform was Launched on 19th of January 2021

How does Luxurygold investment works

No Daily Tasks– We do not offer daily tasks to our investor,withdrawal is done after 30 days upon investment.

Professional Staffs– Our group of highly trained support staffs are always available to offer help, technical support and insights on our processes at any time.

Quick payouts– Our payouts are prompt and on time with no excuses. We pride ourselves in how and professional we handle our payouts.

Luxurygold investment packages

Luxurygold Investment has 8 Investment packages:

Each package has package has its own daily earning:

I. TIN package:N25k to get N42.5k

NGN 583.33 for every day till the package expires.

II. IRON Package:N50k to get N85k

NGN 1,166.67 for every day till the package expires.

III. LEAD Package:N100k to get N170k

NGN 2,333.33 for every day till the package expires.

IV. KRYPTON Package:N200k to get N340k

NGN 4,666.67 for every day till the package expires.

V. ZINC package:N500k to get N850K

NGN 11,666.67 for every day till the package expires.

VI. SILVER package:N1m to get N1.7m

NGN 23,333.33 for every day till the package expires.

VII. VIOLENT package:N2m to get N3.4m

NGN 46,666.67 for every day till the package expires.

VIII. GOLD package: N5m to get N8.5m

NGN 116,666 for every day till the package expires

Luxurygold Investment Referral bonuses

On Luxury Gold, we reward every member’s hard work; Each package on has its own referral bonus.

TIN- N2,000

IRON- N4,000

LEAD- N6,000

KRYPTON- 8,000

ZINC- 12,000

SILVER- 15,000

VIOLENT- 18,000

GOLD- N20,000

Can i get paid without Referral

Referral is completely optional on Luxury Gold Investment Once your subscription expires, you’d be able to use the “cash out” button on the website and withdraw all what you’ve earned through your 30days of active subscription to your bank account, and then if you wish to continue earning from us, you can re-subscribe, Upon withdrawal, money is paid to your bank account within 24-48 hours of request.

How to Register into Luxurygold investment

I. Kindly Click-

II. Chat up a coupon code vendor make payment to the account details you will be given, a code will be given to you after verification of payment.

III. Then u proceed to website for Registration and also fill in your details Correctly.

Iv. Input Referral ID 87FG96

How to place withdrawal on Luxurygold Investment

Luxurygold Investment Domain status

Registered On:2021-02-26

Expires On:2022-02-26

Who is the CEO of Luxurygold

Davidson Monday and Justina Isaac are the CEO’s of Luxurygold Investment both are Reputable young Entrepreneurs.

Luxurygold investment hits 6k investors

In conclusion

Luxurygold Investment has been doing 100% well since day of Launch, No issue or complaints yet. Although the platform is still new (3months old) to decide if it is here for us.

Moreover, I am an Investor in this if your interested in joining kindly hit my Dm on WhatsApp +2348155840142

Note: The No 1 rules in Investment is : “To invest what u can afford to loose.” Every online income program is a potential Ponzi scheme.

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