Omich prime Review- if legit or Scam? Find out now!!!


Omich prime ltd provides people with opportunity to invest and earn after 30days with 52% return of Investment.

Omich Prime is one of the best business platforms in the world and are fully registered and have complete documents as required by the regulating government body.

You Invest in any of our packages and keep your fingers crossed while we help you grow your money. No daily tasks, no sharing of adverts whatsoever. We happily do the hassle for you.

About Omich prime ltd

Omich Prime has what it takes to take your financial status to the next level. All our plans last for 30 days after which you will smile proudly that you made one of the best decisions of your life. They are Secured.
Fully Certified.
24/7 Support.
Professional Staffs.
Quick Payouts.
No Daily Tasks.
Fast Referral Commission.
Stable Operation and Long-term corporation.

Omich prime Investment Packages

Omichprime Investment has 10 investment packages as shown below:

1. Bronze- N10,000 after 30days (N15,200)

2. Violet- N20,000 after 30days (N30,400)

3. Gold- N30,000 after 30days (N45,600)

4. Silver- N50,000 after 30days (N76,000)

5. Maroon- N100,000 after 30days (N152,000)

6.Silicon- N200,000 after 30days (N304,000)

7. Indigo- N500,000 after 30days (N760,000)

8. Amber- N1,000,000 after 30days (N1,520,000)

9. Pearl- N2,000,000 after 30days (3,040,000)

10. Heist- N5,000,000 after 30days (N7,600,000)

Can i get paid without Referrals

Yes, Referral is Totally optional and you can cashout without a Single Referral once your Subscription expires.

Tho, You earn a stipulated amount based on the plan the person you referred invested on. So this is another cool way to make extra income because the more you refer, the more you earn.

How to Register into Omich prime ltd

  • Contact any of the coupon vendors that are listed Here or Whatsapp Here
  • Make payment of the plan of your choice to the account details that will be provided to you.
  • Once your have gotten the Code Click- to Register
  • Fill in your appropriate details and you are done.

How do i register my prospects/Downlines?

•You may help your prospects to get their coupon codes or walk them through the steps below:

•Go to the referral section of your dashboard and copy your referral link.

•Send the link to your prospect and have them register through it.

•It is very important that they register through your link, else you will not earn a referral bonus from that prospect.

Omich prime Domain Status


•Registered On:2021-03-08

•Expires On:2022-03-08

Who is The CEO of Omich prime ltd

Feyisara Racheal Abiola is the CEO of Omich prime a young Entrepreneur popularly known as (Omich).

Omich prime was Launched on 23rd of March 2021.

Omich prime Customer service

  1. Emmanuel Victor (08146462640)
  2. Darrella (07019485090)

In Conclusion

Omich prime was Launched 23rd March 2021 , It’s New to judge if it’s going to Ranked along with the Likes of Racksterli, Dessii media, Luxurygold … Etc.

However, This article will be Updated ask time goes on ..✅

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